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Choice of powerful proprietary trading platforms, offering lightning fast Direct Access order entry and trade execution, level II quotes with full book options, choice of integrated news sources, charts and analytical tools, all within an easy to use, yet highly customizable interface.

Why Remote Day Trader?

Online Day Trading Software For Direct Access Trading

Online Trading
At Remote Day Trader we are devoted to our traders, our technology and especially our trading software. Our traders deserve the best DAT (Direct Access Trading) software possible - a platform that suits their styles and needs to perfection. So we developed our software to help maximize our traders' ability to perform. The key to reaching the full potential has been our rigorous development process. We have incorporated over 70 man years of programming. We've empowered several software developers, many with trading backgrounds, to emulate the best software features in the industry and add even more special features making our software the most configurable trading software to date. Remote Day Trader accommodates all styles of trading. And the development doesn't stop there. Here are some more impressive software features:

Fast - Designed especially for active traders, one of the industry's most advanced smart order systems lets you send multiple executions to every ECN, at different prices, with a single keystroke and less than a second of your time. Multi-server architecture means you can execute hundreds of trades a day without worrying about system overload.

- State-of-the-industry ECN list and book info. Plus all the data you need, from Level II quotes to late-breaking news, built right into the trading screen. You never have to take your eyes off the trade. For listed trading we utilize different DOT providers

Customizable - Our software was developed to support not only one trading style but multiple styles such as scalping, momentum, swing and position. Now you don't have to limit your style to match your software. Remote Day Trader can handle them all.

See for yourself what puts our professional trading software on the leading edge of DAT software. Call today for a FREE SOFTWARE DEMO.

Black Box

You'll get our Software Developer's Kit (SDK) with full access to its application programming interface (API) that allows external applications to access the execution functionality of the API trading system and use it as a platform to manage order flow. Simple ActiveX controls send and manage orders, maintain positions, and can be easily integrated with a C/C++ or Visual Basic application. Utilize canned code of some of the API's popular order logic routines, like smart orders. External Applications can control every aspect of an order, from Time In Force to specifying reserve quantities, risk and compliance features, and back office activities (e.g. blotters, daily reports, etc.). The API is shipped with a sample application and source code that can help in reducing the integration time cycle.

With our hosting services you gain access to our infrastructure and programming that has been optimized for speed. Latency speeds, the average time lag between sending an order out and receiving the confirmation from the ECN, are minimized. We have direct connections to most ECNs, namely: Island - ISLD, Instinet - INCA, Bloomberg Tradebook - BTRD, Archipelago - ARCA, Brass Utilities - BRUT, Nextrade- NXTD and Track Data - TRAC. Plus direct access to SuperMontage as well as two DOT direct connections and two additional DOT providers. This technology takes advantage of many esoteric liquidity grabbing features found in our software like dynamic and static smart orders, baskets, blasting, super ECN ordering, and adjustable close out features. In our industry hundredths of a penny can be the difference between success and failure.

Our systems, supported by our talented staff, have handled billions of dollars of business. When speed, power, and reliability are an issue.make Remote Day Trader hosting services your black box's new home!

Custom Programming:
Sure you can spend lots of money hiring new programmers, and devote a lot of time and effort developing a platform. Or you can use our programmers who have a tremendous advantage; they are familiar with our product and our source code as well as knowing what canned code, the collection of software products designed for quantitative trading, is available for utilization. With over 70 man-years of programming experience and over 9 years of Direct Access Trading experience, Remote Day Trader can custom build a black box timely, cost effectively, and with maximum throughput. We can create an advanced and intelligent trading engine- many of your trading parameters can be streamlined smoothly and efficiently. A black box enables you to leverage our state-of-the-art infrastructure allowing you to take full advantage of Remote Day Trader direct access technology and smart order algorithms for unsurpassed speed, reliability, and accuracy. If you're looking for confidential custom programming, we have the talent and expertise that can deliver. And since our business model is focused on the commission dollars when your black box is up and running, you won't have to twist our arms to get a cost effective customized programming solution.


Service Bureau:
If your core business is trading, concentrate on building a successful trading organization. You should not be concerned about IT installation and maintenance. Remote Day Trader offers you direct access to exchanges, ECNs and NQDS through high speed, high capacity connections without you being concerned about hardware and equipment issues. Remote Day Trader has the capability to help you become a technology powerhouse overnight. You can utilize our servers, transmission lines, and circuits as well as our front and back end software. We have invested over 70 man-years in our software. Use our infrastructure to facilitate your trading. We are offering you the ability to leverage our multi-million dollar investment in software and a data center for a very low entrance fee.

Institutional Trading:
Remote Day Trader offers state-of-the-art technology and execution services for hedge funds, institutions and money managers. Use software created by traders not by a marketing team. Our software has been battle tested and emerged as a winner of the software wars of the 90s and is designed to quickly and efficiently access liquidity pools. Orders can be sent simultaneously to all ECNs. Institutional clients have access to numerous data services. Our live news desk offers complete coverage of breaking news and analysts' rating changes. The news desk is available for any interpretations of current news. Our clients receive first class technical support while taking advantage of our first rate data center.

Technology Commitment

Direct Access Trading (DAT) is an industry where milliseconds not only exist, they can spell the difference between profit and loss. It's about getting there faster - this time, and every time. If you want to get there faster; you've got to have the right technology. Technology that understands how you trade - and why - and what you need to get the job done.

Which explains our substantial monthly technology investment. Including software developers devoted full-time to keeping our direct access trading software on the leading-edge. IT support and infrastructure professionals, full hardware redundancies, a distributed server network, further define our commitment to being a technology company.

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