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Remote Day Trader Est. 2004

If you don't love what you do, you can't succeed. And you can't love what you do unless you're doing it in the right place, with the right tools.

Who we are:

Remote Day Trader is a team of Professional Stock Day Traders which have assembled an elite proprietary equities trading desk located in Elmsford, NY. Our high volume levels and proprietary stock trading success since 2004 have enabled us to structure an impressive relationship and industry low commissions with some of the largest Direct Access Proprietary Stock Trading firms in the country, and in turn allow us to benefit other stock Day Traders whether located in our trading office or via remote.

Remote Day Trader Mission Statement: The mission of Remote Day Trader is to maximize the efficiency of our direct access stock traders by providing superior online stock trading technology and support services. We strive for industry leadership through our proactive, ongoing quest for innovation and a total commitment to our clients' success. By offering competitive prices, timely, accurate market information and a state-of-the-art stock trading environment, we build a strong foundation for our continued growth. We are dedicated to the art of stock day trading, maintaining the highest standards of excellence and integrity in all of our work.

Remote Day Trader: Whether you do proprietary stock trading, retail stock trading, remote day trading or institutional trading, need trading software licensing or black box hosting, want level 2 software and level 2 equities trading designed for active day trading, Remote Day Trader can accommodate you!

Management Profile
David J. Flynn

"Our hands-on approach and comprehensive training separates us from other firms in the industry"

After exclusively serving Carl C. Icahn as an employed Registered Securities Representative for the Icahn Organization and implementing daily securities transactions for the 160 public traded corporations that Carl Icahn had a controlling interest in from 1987 to 1994, David Flynn joined On-Site Trading as a professional day trader so he could take advantage of trade opportunities independently. In 1995, David accepted the responsibilities as the Securities Principal for On-Site’s new branch office in Tarrytown, New York. From 1995 to 2000 while serving as Head Proprietary Trader and Securities Principal for the Tarrytown office, David conducted hundreds of day trading seminars to thousands of participants covering all levels of trading expertise as well as orchestrating the majority of training material personally through years of stock market experience and success. David was the top percentage trader at On-Site from 1996-2000, as a result of applying unprecedented discipline, risk and money management skills. From 2000-2003, David was hired as a Securities Principal and Head Proprietary Trader for the Mid-Town, New York City office of Hold Brothers Online Investment Services, Inc., he also became a National Trainer for Hold Brothers. In 2004, David started so he may offer the very best in Direct Access Stock Trading programs to it's customers.

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